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Emod is a PPC specialist and marketer with 12 years of experience

​Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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PPC Management Toronto

Understand What the PPC Metrics Tell you


Fall seven times and stand up eight

With over 12 years of experience as a Digital Marketing Manager in Toronto, we are passionate about Digital Marketing and Leads Generation. We continually Creates and refines paid media campaigns in Google, Bing, Facebook and other platforms based on new industry trends and best practices to achieve higher ROI.

Turning analytics data to business insights and being able to tell a story based on data is a unique style that we adapted, to maximize performance and improve conversion rates.

our years of experience with a proven record of accomplishment led us to advance in our career. We worked with some of Canada's Leading Digital Marketing Agencies since 2011

Ecommerce PPC Management

as a Growth Marketing Manager to lead Paid Media marketing efforts for e-commerce and affiliate marketing. Focus on paid customer acquisition and use paid search, social media, affiliate marketing etc., to identify, engage, nurture and convert prospects.

Direct responsibility for the paid marketing spends, working closely with the product management teams to drive online sales and maximize ROI.


Manage all online performance marketing from awareness to conversion to efficiently scale acquisition

Set up and optimize channels to meet CPA, ROI, and budget goals.

Perform daily bid management and optimization.

Develop a growth marketing roadmap to test creative, ad copy, audience targeting and landing pages.

Monitor, track, and optimize channel/campaign performance.

Generate internal reporting for all major metrics.

Provide updates to teams on performance and make recommendations as necessary.

Stay on top of online advertising trends, tools and emerging platforms.

Google Ads for Lead Generation

As a senior digital marketing manager & Pay Per Click Specialist, our expertise is lead generation. Managing 100s of SMB clients and millions of dollars nationwide, to super charge sales and marketing.

• Build and manage profitable paid campaigns across Google & Bing to drive conversions, Generate Leads & ensure a high ROI for SMB Clients

• Analyze client’s campaigns through ongoing testing; using PPC tools and dashboards to implement new strategies to ensure goals are met

• Work directly with Account Managers to help clients get more leads and consult with clients in monthly meetings

• Strong communication skills to develop and maintain close relationships with clients, vendors and internal teams.

• Create and refine company-wide PPC best practices based on current industry trends and best practices.

• Collaborate with technology team to Develop an automated system to streamline and automate optimization of PPC accounts & reduce monthly management time

• Share knowledge and passion in a leadership capacity, mentoring Jr. Staff

Retail Advertising

Create, Manage and optimize digital marketing campaigns for more than 100 clients. Leveraging analytical data to identify and implement high-impact optimization initiatives to improve conversion rates in Google Adwords. Provide data driven feedback to improve ROI and generate more leads.

• Using Google Adwords, Analytics, Bing, and Acquisio to maximize ROI

• Focused on Paid Search & Web Analytics

• Strong analytical skills with a proven ability to proactively identify opportunities

• Proven ability to drive leads through the digital channel

• Strong interpersonal skills

• Strong knowledge of digital marketing strategy

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